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J & P Gallagher bricklayers Pty ltd Services – Bricklayer Cleveland is a family owned business operating for over 30 years. J & P Gallagher bricklayers Pty ltd Services – Bricklayer Cleveland endeavour to do each job no matter how big or small to the best of their ability & leave every job cleaned from all their mess.

J & P Gallagher bricklayers Pty ltd Services – Bricklayer Cleveland are qualified trade persons and they take pride in their work with a friendly service to get every job done to owners expectations.

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Retaining walls are essential for managing slopes and preventing erosion.

Re-point repair, also known as repointing, is a crucial maintenance process for brick and masonry structures.

"Existing work" in construction and landscaping typically refers to the structures, surfaces, or features that are already in place before a new project begins.

These actions are fundamental in adapting and improving the functionality and safety of spaces within buildings, whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Both bricks and blocks play pivotal roles in constructing safe, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing buildings and have stood the test of time as reliable building materials.

Thoughtful and sustainable development ensures that homes are not just structures but also part of a thriving and well-connected community.

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J & P Gallagher exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in their brickwork is impressive. Great job!


Septigo House

We are extremely satisfied with J & P Gallagher's bricklayers. They met our expectations and delivered a stunning end result.

Samuel Peters

Owner | Beter House

J & P Gallagher's bricklayers are exceptional! Our project turned out beautifully, and the quality of their work is second to none.

Dan Cliford

Owner | Clef House

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Brick and block have been essential building materials for centuries, and their enduring appeal continues to shine in modern construction. In this blog post, we'll explore why brick and block remain a popular choice for architects, builders, and homeowners. From their classic aesthetic to their durability and sustainability, discover why these materials are as relevant today as ever.

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